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From a year of age until 1 year 11 months, cubs are considered adolescents. They have more independence than a younger cub, however they are still not productive members of the pride yet. Adolecents are more mature and no longer need a denmother to look after them, however, they still take up a 'cub slot' and may not be bred / passed down to.

If you like an adolescent, but are disappointed by its gender, you can always use a cub sex changer from the Oasis for 1 Golden Beetle (GB) to switch it to the opposite gender. However, the item is no longer able to be applied once the lion has hunted or patrolled.

Becoming an adult


An adolescent becomes an adult at the age of 2 years, or after 24 real life days. Upon aging up, females will remain in the pride and begin to take up a territory slot; therefore if there is not enough room in the pride, they will be chased off. If there is an available Subordinate Male slot, a male will automatically claim it at 2 years of age, if there is no spots available, then they will be chased off.

Adolescent TrainingEdit

When cubs become adolescents, the training changes to watching hunts and following on patrols to up the bar, with much lower chances of gaining stats on age up. If the training bar is below 75%, no stats will be earned on aging up. However, if the bar reaches 75+%, extra stats will be earned by the cub.

Up to two female adolescents may tag along with lionesses on the hunt, earning 1-2% experience in their 'Cub Training' bar for each successful hunt. A single male adolescent may tag along with your sub male on patrols, earning 1-3% experience in their 'Cub Training' bar for each full patrol. They may continue to train until they age up or their training bar reaches 100%

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