PVP is important feature in Lioden. In current stage, you can attack every 1 hour to gain skill, experience or territory.

A lion that has been attacked has a global cooldown of 2 hours before they can get attacked again.

You can attack for skill, territory and experience as many times you want. Skill gives you 1 or 2 skill points (this is currently the only way to get skill), territory gives you another slot for your ladies, and they all give some impression and experience, though experience gives the most.

Player can GET attacked for territory only once a day.

Defending lion doesn't lose anything. (nor win)

You're not able to attack for territory if you don't meet criteria listed there: Expanding your territory

LvL 1-2Edit

New to attacking? It can be very hard for a young lion like you.

In my own (Xylax's) opinion and experience, it's better to wait with attacks when you're level 1. You're very weak and it's hard to win, as the defending lion will get a stat boost.

It's possible to win, but it's rare, so why waste energy?

On lvl 2 you are able to win more likely with a bit weaker lion - it's good to attack for experience for now, level up as fast as possible!

If you are a lower level and want to win, try fighting someone of the same level as you! They must have the same territory size as you or you won't be able to attack them.

Useful tip: Check the defending lion's stats. The lower they are than yours, the more likely you'll win.

LvL 3-5Edit

At this point it's better to gain skill now, as it's useful for PvP and high levelled lions care for this stat too.

LvL 6 upEdit

By now you should have quite a territory - if you want to expand it more, your skill should be around 60! It's okay to chill with grabbing territory for now, but level up skill once a while too! When you max your skill number per level, just hit on experience, simple as that!

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