In explore, you may encounter NPCs which you can fight such as a Hyena, Lion, Lepoard, and many other various creatures.


Forest Elephant Bull

When attacking you get 4 choices. Roar has a possibility to make the  enemy flee for their lives, or just ignore you and hit you anyways. Swipe damages them. To quickly get through a fight, some people select this and spam the fight button. Bite also damages them. Some people use the mixture of this and swipe in order to defeat an enemy or rely completely on one or the other, but both work when it comes to defeating an NPC. Flee is the last one, and by using this, you lose 5% energy and run away.

When you win a NPC fight, you lose 10% energy but gain EXP and Impression Progress, which helps with your chances to impress the ladies. Usually you also gain SB, also known as Silver Beetles, which is one of the two currencies in Lioden. In special events, such as the May special event, you can gain items or currency special to that event. When winning, there is also the cance of gaining a scar or a white eye.

However, when you lose, just like fleeing, you lose 5% energy and return to the Explore tab.

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