The explore section can be found as the second link in the header bar. Here you can find many things to do, such as explore lands, hunt, play games, and more!


The New Exploration Page.

This Includes all the old Exploration Links, by clicking on the picture linking to whichever part you want to go to, the names of which can be found under the pictures, and if the picture links don't work for you, there are names and links located under this picture. You find this by clicking Explore on the top bar.

Explore This is where your lion goes to explore. Find more details by clicking the link.

Territory map This is where your lion goes to fight other player's lions, it is also known as PVP Battle.

Hunting Here is where your lionesses go to hunt. this is how they get experience and stat gains aswel as food for the pride to eat.

Monkey Business This is a NPC where you go to buy items he has for sale, or sell unwanted items you have for SB, he does not have any GB prices.

Sharpen Your Claws Twice daily your lion can sharpen his claws here for a chance to have a small stat gain.

Questing and Karma This has a snake, that gives you quests to finish for him in exchange for rewards. His Wife, the Karma snake, is also found in this page where you can review your Karma Status, this will be explained in the Explore Page on top of this list.

Leaders This would be where the top players/lions are showcased, more details in the link.

Search You can go here to search for certain lions, Players, Cubs and Lionesses. Through ID numbers or Names.

Trading Center This is where you go to trade with other players, mostly lions for items or in game currency. It has been updated with a new trade searching system to make it easier to find trades that appeal to you.

Scrying Stone Here you can catch a glimpse of possible future cubs between a lion and lioness of your choice, just add their ID numbers into the correct boxes and hit Scry, Please Note, Submales do not count as breedable males and will cause a error to pop up. Also under the first option you can add a cub ID number in to see how this cub will look as an Adult.

Games Currently there are four mini games on Lioden; Cups, Whack a Snake, Silver Beetle Raffle, and Slot Machine. Follow the link for more Info.

Sales tree Here you can find 2 drop down lists along with links to Custom decor list, and your custom decors. The first drop down shows Normal ingame items that you can search, which then shows all avaliable items for sale on other player's branches(Player stores) The second drop down includes a list of the current Custom Decorations made by other players. Searching one will bring up results if any of these items are on a player's branch for sale.

Submale Patrolling Here you can send your submale (providing you have one) for patrolling, for him to find stats and/or items, all depending randomly. To have a submale, you must have a submale slot and a male other than your main lion, who is older than 2 years, he will become one automatically.

Oasis This is where you spend your Golden beetles on fancy in game items, such as base changers, instant birthing feathers etc.

Special Lioness This page is where you find the weekly Special lioness, this lioness usually has marking not avaliable in the oasis customizer, they are only avaliable through breeding lions with the marking. Once a week there will be a special girl for you to try and impress. The drawing takes place every Friday, in order to impress this lady, you will need your lion to be dreamboat, and have 50 SB.

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