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Customize your LionEdit

First note here - Customizing your lion won't cause your current lion to lose any stats, level or experience. It will only change its looks. So, let's start with playing with your Male lion. You will have a few options to choose from:



Base is whole body of the lion.

Mane Length is your flowing head hair. Scarce, Normal, Thick, Barbary, Heavy, Transvaal, Sideburn, Tsavo and Razor are the current options.

Mane Color is the base colour of your mane. They are mostly same as base ones.

Eyes obviously, your lion's eyes.

Markings are layered on top of each other - from 1 to 10. Remember to put in opacity percentage for each.

Your lions look will appear as soon as you hit preview button - it's not autorefresh every time you pick a marking, so remember to hit it to see how your lion will look like.

Play with this as long as you want - and when you're ready, hit Customize! - it will check if you have enough golden beetles and create the Lion if so. If not, it will give you a notice that you can't afford it.

Basic customization costs 10 GBs and you're allowed to have one extra marking. Every new marking above that costs 1 GB more - up to 19 GBs max.

Your Customized lion will be saved in system and load into your lion's image as his new fancy look.

If you don't want to Customize, just play a bit, no need to hit anything, just exit the page.

Customizing your LionessEdit

Base cost of a lioness is 5GB's with one free marking too. Lioness will be created as a NEW lady to your pride, so make sure you have enough territory space. Her age will be 2 years old and her stats absolutely fresh and newbie.


Custom Lioness

Mechanics are pretty much same.

Mane options here are given for breeding purposes - giving the future male cubs possibility to inherit those 

Special OptionsEdit

There are a few options (for both male and female lions) that have an additional GB cost to them.

Eye color

Name Extra Fee Notes
Red Eyes 1 GB 20% chance of passing onto cubs or can throw brown eyes


Blue & Green

3 GB 5% chance of passing to cubs, or can throw either blue or green


Green & Blue

3 GB 5% chance of passing to cubs, or can throw either blue or green


Blue & Brown

3 GB 5% chance of passing to cubs, or can throw either blue or brown


Brown & Blue

3 GB 5% chance of passing to cubs, or can throw either blue or brown

Minor Customization OptionsEdit

These options will allow you to tweak your lion or lioness without having to pay the full customization cost.

The Eye Changer

3 GB

The eye changer will allow you to change your lion or lioness's eye color. You can choose one of the special eye color options and there will be no additional GB fee for them.


Eye Changer

The Random Eye Changer

1 GB

The random eye changer randomly selects a new eye color excluding heterogeneous and red.


Base Changer

5 GB

Allows you to change your lion's base coat.


Base Changer

The Mane Changer

5 GB

The mane changer will allow you to change any lion or lioness'mane type. You can choose any of the existing mane types with this item, however it does not allow you to change the mane color.


Mane Changer

The Markings Applicator

3 GB

The marking applicator allows you to place a marking in any open marking slot on a chosen lion.


Markings Adder

The Markings Remover

1 GB

The marking remover allows you to remove any single marking on a chosen lion.


Marking Opacity Adjuster

2 GB

You can adjust the opacity of one marking on a choosen lion.


Marking Opacity Adjuster

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