Great Hunger is a Special Event which happens during January. It uses Carrion Points, Silver Beetles and Leather Beatles to trade in for special Event items.

Description Edit

Oh no! With prey scarce this season, it looks like a Great Hunger is sweeping the plains of Lioden. Several lions in the area have noticed the benefit of working together, and have begun stockpiling a massive food pit that they plan to share with everyone. Join together, lions, and donate your spare food from your hoard to unlock a special area that will let you reap the benefits! Give and ye' shall receive...

Other animals are suffering too - maybe you could help them die out to have more food to yourself? Defeat Carrion Eaters in explore to unlock a shop and more events in explore as you go on!

Leather BeetlesEdit

Icon dermestid

Leather Beetles are the currency for The Great Hunger Event. You attain them by attacking NPCs or finding carcasses where you can find them in.

Sections Edit

Feed From the Pit Edit

Welcome to the Food Pile.. This area is a special place where you may feed once a day per lion and lose hunger! The current hunger taken is -40% per lion. This will increase if you unlock this area at the next level! 

Carrion Shop Edit

A big group - counting over one hundred - of chimps is gathering all food possible to spread among the starving animals. "The herds are migrating, the times are harsh. You're the strongest carnivore in Africa, by donating to our cause, we'll give you something in return!"

The Boneyard Edit

Barren and dark with dried bones scattered around, the Boneyard gives you a chill as you step onto the dead earth. You spot a male lion digging around in a corner, surrounded by bones. Another male arrives behind you, carrying a skull in his enormous teeth. You've come to see what this new place has to offer.. perhaps you'll find something worth your time here.


Special Great Hunger DecorEdit

Bearded Vulture Decor

250 SB

Bloody Feast Decor

50 SB

Egyptian Vulture Decor

250 SB

Fallen Hyena Decor

300 SB

Hungry Eyes Decor

50 SB

Warning Decor

150 SB

Starving Leopard Decor

400 SB

Vulture Cliffs Background

1000 SB

Zebra Carcass Decor

150 SB


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