Hunting map update

The hunting grounds is the place to order your lionesses to hunt!

If you have no current hunt sent out, you will be directed to the hunting map, here you can click on a specific tile of your choice and a drop down menu will appear, in this you can choose the lioness of your choice to send to that tile. You can only put one lioness on a single tile. The 31 July hunting update from 2015 now makes the hunting map more like the Sub Male Patrol map, allowing you to pick up to 5 tiles, and then select 5 lionesses from a scroll menu.

Only one hunt is allowed at a time. there is a 30 minute cooldown for hunts then you can send out immediately again! All tiles carry food, so you don't have to keep changing your strategy of choice.

Lioness page - Hunting overhaul 2

The scroll list where you select which lionesses you wish to send out

The higher your lionesses' stats and levels are, the better chance of finding the rarer carcasses, such as the Giraffe carcasss with 10 uses. 

At the top of the hunting page there is a link called "Hunting Prey List" here you can find a list of specific prey and where to find them, how many lionesses you need to use etc to catch them. So if you have a specific quest for hunting, check the list first!

There is an option to skip hunting cooldown for immediate results and then sending them out again. This costs one GB, you will be directed to a confirmation page if you click it, so don't worry about hitting it on accident!

This is how your lionesses gain stats and experience, every hunt the lionesses that were on it gain 1 random stat and a random amount of experience depending on the level of the lionesses that were on that hunt and the amount of lionesses sent.

When your lioness is ready to level up, a green upwards pointing arrow will appear next to her name in your den page. Click on her name to go to her page, then under her statistics bar, (Base, mane, mane color, markings etc) there is an experience bar, next to that there will be a "level Up button" you click that to level your lioness.

Your lionesses start out with a set amount of free hunts (10) but for 10 Sb you can add an extra hunt to a lioness of your choice, this option can be found under the Hunting map where a list of Valid females are shown, you will clearly see the "add hunt" button next to the lionesses name and amount of hunts left.

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