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Welcome to Lioden! Lioden is a browser based simulation game. You can become the king of the jungle and have your own pride of lionesses. Some quick tips and essentials to starting out can be found here.



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This month's current event is Aphrodisia and LOVE is in the air! Go flirt with other lionessess and chase away those brutes who flirt with yours! Collect Heart Shells from NPCs and smacking those brutes to get Event Items. See more Events here at Special Events .


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Latest Activity

  • Be the king of the jungle
  • Have a harem of great huntresses
  • Breed adorable cubs
  • Let them grow into adolescents
  • Let other males take subordinate roles
  • Explore the world
  • Inverted Rosette Silky marking
  • Maroon Coat slot 1, Black Panther slot 5, and Inverted Rosette slot 10

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