In LioDen you play as the male lion of a pride, and your goal is to make the strongest pride that you can.

Levels and Impression Levels

As you explore, battle and complete quests you will gain experience and level your lion. When you level up you will randomly gain some stats.

There is a secondary leveling system; the Impression leveling system. Each level has a title, and the higher your Impression level the more impressive the ladies find you which means the more success you'll have in courting them. The impression levels are:

  1. Barely Noticable
  2. Not Very Impressive
  3. Not Impressive
  4. Average
  5. Slightly Impressive
  6. Somewhat Impressive
  7. Impressive
  8. Very Impressive
  9. Extremely Impressive
  10. Dreamboat

Changing Your Male

If you are not happy with the male that you rolled when you first started, there are a couple of options for you.

You can choose to reroll your male using a Reroll from the oasis which will allow you to roll a new lion, however doing so will set your lion back to level one again.

You can also to customize your male with the customize your lion feature in the oasis.

It is also possible to retire your male early. It costs 10 GB to retire your male early, although if you have recently retired a male there will be a 15 GB fee to buypass the 'retirement cooldown.'


The Circle of Life

Unfortunately you cannot live forever, and when your male reaches the ripe old age of fifteen years, or 180 real life days, he will have a year to pass on and a new male will take over the pride.

If there are any male cubs in the pride or you have a subordinate male when the reigning male passes on, you can choose to have one of them take over the pride. If you do not have any males in your pride at the time that the lead male passes on you can roll a new lion. If you have customized your male, you can choose to reuse his image on a new level one male.

You have whole 12 months to find a heir. If you fail to pick a heir when your male lion reaches age of 16, it dies and the retirement is forced automatically to roll.

Note on retiring: The Level of your new male will be always reset to lvl 1. Heirs will begin with their stats (ie, cub original stats, sub male stats).

Getting A Free Lioness:

Getting a free lioness is easy, the way to do it is by Exploring. You can claim a Wild Lioness in Explore but it can be hard to do so, as some lionesses may reject you! The good part about claiming a lioness is it may have special markings, colors, eyes or base!!

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