Although females do carry data for manes, manes are only visible on male lions.

Mane Type

Below are the different types of manes available. They are all modeled on an albino lion with a black mane. Some new mane types are coming.

Manes marked with an astrick mark (*) have a 40% chance of being passed on [this does not change if one or both parents have the mane in question]. Should the mane not get passed on, cubs will be born with normal manes instead.




Scarce Mane

Available in the wild

Normal Mane

Available in the wild

Thick Mane

Available in the wild


*Barbary Mane

*Heavy Mane

Custom Only

*Transvaal Mane

Custom Only


*Razor Mane

Custom Only

*Sideburn Mane

Custom Only

There are also:

•Tsavo (2014)

•Savage (2015)

Mane Colors

This is just a list of the different mane colors and their availability. You can see the mane colors in the marking guide.

Wild Mane Colors:

  • Brown
  • Golden

Custom Only Mane Colors:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Cream
  • Cream Darker
  • Cream Ligher
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Fawn
  • Dark Golden
  • Fawn
  • Golden 2
  • Golden 3
  • Golden 4
  • Golden 5
  • Gray
  • Light Cream
  • Light Golden
  • Mahogany
  • Vandal
  • White

Breed only:

• Lilac

Mane Markings

You can see the mane markings in the marking guide. Females can carry mane markings, but since females don't have manes you won't be able to see them. The mane markings are:

  • Black Back Hair
  • Black Beard
  • Black Ends
  • Black Flow
  • Black Half
  • Black Low Flow
  • Black Quarter
  • Black Tips
  • Brown Back Hair
  • Brown Bottom Smooth
  • Brown Half
  • Browm Low Flow
  • Brown Top
  • Brown Top Smooth
  • Classic Cream Front
  • Classic Half Front
  • Cream Beard
  • Cream Half
  • Cream Strokes
  • Dark Brown Ends
  • Dark Brown Flow
  • Golden Ends
  • Golden Flow
  • Golden Half
  • Golden Tips
  • White Beard
  • White Half
  • White Streaks
  • White Strokes
  • White Tips

Mane Changer


Mane Changer

5 GB The mane changer will allow you to change your male lion or sub male's mane type. You can choose any of the existing mane types with this item.

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