Monkey Business.

Monkey Business is a pawn shop with a big Mandrill in charge. You can sell your stuff to him, but remember, he won't really pay much for those mangled half used decor items you brought. However all his stuff is fresh and fancy so he will ask for a lot more.

The items are separated into three categories; Bundles & Other Items, Decorations, and Backgrounds.

To avoid confusion for similar items, decor items glow in various shades of orange, and for some, the item name has "decor" added to the end. Scroll over items to view their names!

Bundles & Specialty


Bone Marrow


Once a day your

Lion can eat a bone

marrow and gain 20%



Food Bundle

100SB SB

This Item gives

you a few random

full use carcasses

to feed your lions


Toy Bundle

100SB SB

This item gives you

a few random toys,

that your lions can

play with.


Snake Skull

150SB SB

You can give this

to the questing

snake, to cancel

you current quest


Cleansing Ichor

300SB SB

This item resets 

you karma to 0,

rendering you able 

to change your title

to one of your choice.


Aging Crystal

500SB SB

This allows you

to age an Adolescent

to 1 year, 11 months



Random Eye Changer

750SB SB

This item allows you

to change a lion,

of your choice's

eyes randomly, this

does not include, red

or hetero Eyes.


Marking Opacity Changer

1,800SB SB

This can be used to

change the % of a

marking on a lion

of your choice, to a

% of your choice.


Reroll Lion

2,000 SB SB

This allows you to 

reset your lion, to

a rolled appearance

like the one you had

when you started the

game, stats and age also

get reset to starter stats

and 3 years of age.


These are just items to pretty up your lion, not to be confused with the toy feather and skulls found in explore. You can identify a decor through the glowing red lines around them.


Limited Time Items

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