NEWS 26th march 2013Edit

Hi guys! Some updates for you all today. :D

Please read the terms of service - there are two new rules added. You must agree to the terms of service to continue playing Lioden.

13. No pornography of any kind is permitted on the site - be it written or depicted with artwork or photos.
14. Members are reminded this is an English speaking site and that all players are expected to speak in English. Please refrain from using other languages on Lioden. (At moderators discretion, the occassional forum thread may be permitted in another language. Check with a moderator or staff member before you post.)

There is a new Wiki link in the message bar! Click it to visit the official Lioden Wiki, put together by Xylax. <3


There's now a confirmation button for when you chase off lionesses - no more miss clicks!

Lions that are too hungry for the usual energy boost will now start gaining +1 energy every 15 minutes - to compensate for any members that may have no money/food to get their energy back.

  • Meaning about 20% energy per 5 hours

Some helpful links will appear at the top of every page for users for the first 2 days of their membership. :)

  • it will provide them with Game Guide and Wiki links along with "I'm Lost" boards link.

We expect to release the new secure trading system tomorrow, as well as unleash some helpers and new mods on you guys. ;D

  • New staff has been chosen, applications no longer accepted at this time
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