Deep in the African Woods lives a small little suspicious snake. He will ask you to do quests - giving you a day or more to finish them, so you don't have to rush. You can accept only one quest a day though, even if you can finish it immediately.

He will ask for proving your skills - or your lionesses. He'll ask them to hunt a zebra, or he'll ask you to defeat few rhinos, or maybe give him a few nice items. In return, you get experience, impression boost and some silver beetles!

Here is a list of where to find what: I need to slay WHAT?!


Slay Quests
  • Slay 1-10 baboons (Should be primates instead as Gorillas also count as "Baboons")
  • Slay 1-10 caracal 
  • Slay 1-10 leopards 
  • Slay 1-10 water buffalo
  • Slay 1-10 elephants
  • Slay 1-8 hyenas
Hunting Quests
  • Bring down one human in a successful hunt (meaning your lionesses bring back a Human leg)
  • Bring down a gemsbok in a succesful hunt (Bring a Gemsbok Back in a hunt.)
  • Bring down a wildebeest in a succesful hunt (Bring a Wildebeest back in a hunt)
  • Bring down an elephant calf in a succesful hunt (Bring a Elephant Calf back in a hunt)
  • Bring back a gazelle carcass, a warthog carcass, and an otter carcass from exploring.
Item Quests
  • Bring Senegal Feather, a Shining Drongo Feather and a Vulture Feather
  • Bring a rib bone, an Ostrich feather, and a Kingfisher feather
  • Bring a rib bone, a Vulture feather, and a Kob carcass

How to complete the quests

Slay Quests

  • To 'slay' the animal in question you merely need to defeat it in battle.
  • Animals that you defeat by roaring and scaring off will not count towards your slay count.
  • Any type of Hyena will count for the Slay x Hyenas quests.

Hunting Quests

  • You need to send your lionesses hunting and hope they bring down the animal requested. 
  • My best advice is to send your best lionesses out in hopes that they bring in a kill.
  • If the snake asks your lioness to bring down a human, he wants them to return with a human leg.
  • You get to keep the carcasses.

Item Quests

  • To complete the item quests you just need to have the items in question in your hoard.
  • The snake will take the items. 
  • The way you acquire the items does not matter.


You get karma by making choices in Explore like the cub killing/playing choice. These choices will either gain or make you lose karma. How you get karma is when you explore, you come across choices that you can make. For example: The cub will give you options to kill it, ignore it, or frolic with it. Killing it sounds bad right? That will most likely give you negative karma (and it will). Playing with it will give you positive karma and you get a chance to claim the cub's aunt.

The more or less karma you have determines whether you have an evil or good lion. For instance: -12 would be bad karma, while 12 would be good karma. You unlock new titles when you get a certain amount of karma. If you have -30 or 30 karma, you unlock the first title -29 (and above) and 29 (and below) are neutral and you can pick a title from the snake's wife in questing. There is often a third option that are neutral.

The snake's wife (under Quests) is where you go to find out how much Karma you have. You pay her 50 SB to find out what your karma level is.

Karma specific items

Karma specific items isn't yet implemented. But they

Karma Snake

Karma Snake

are being worked on.

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