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A subordinate male is kind of like a beta in a wolf pack to make it simple.

It is possible to have up to 5 subordinate hotties in your love life. Subordinate males can not breed but they will support your main lion in protecting the pride and one of them can take over when your main male lion is ready to retire.

Subordinate Male SlotsEdit

You have to buy your subordinate male slots. You can have a max of 5 slots.

Slot Number Cost
1 500 SB
2 500 SB
3 4 GB
4 8 GB

15 GB


  • Prices marked with an asterisk (*) need to be confirmed as they were recalled from what someone said in chat and the recall might be incorrect.

What do Subordinate Males Do?Edit

You can use subordinate males to patrol the territory. On the explore tab, at the very top-right corner on the map is an area where you can send subordinate males on a patrol for 15 minutes every hour, similar to hunting. They can also take adolescents on patrols with them. Only one subordinate male can patrol at a time, and they might bring back a prize and/or gain skills. See more at  the Subordinate Male Patrolling page.

How do I assign a male to a Subordinate Male slot?Edit

You do not do anything to assign a male to a subordinate male slot. Upon turning two years of age, a male will claim an open subordinate slot. If you have two males turning two on the same day and only one available male slot, the male with the lowest ID number will claim the spot and the other male will be chased off. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Can I breed my subordinate males?

No, sorry.

Can subordinate males be chased off/traded/sold?


Can I customize my subordinate males?


Do subordinate males take up territory space?

They only take up the sub male slots, so don't worry about it!

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