Toys are items commonly found in Explore (or sometimes in Cups game)

They aren't decorations - they're simply used for raising your lion's moods. They can't be used like food items. On it's drop down menu you can pick a lion to play with. If your lions moods are full, nothing will appear, to not waste uses.

Sometimes, toys give random stat boosts, although it's very rare. Some toys have more uses, some less. They range from 1-6.

1 uses

Feather kingfisher

Kingfisher Feather

Feather ostrich

Ostrich Feather

Feather shiningdrongo

Shining Drongo Feather

Feather shoebill

Shoebill Feather

Feather vulture

Vulture Feather

Feather flamingo

Flamingo Feather

Feather sacredibis

Sacred Ibis Feather


Hornbill feather

Feather nightjar

Nightjar Feather


Aardwolf tail

2 uses
Feather vulturineguineafowl

Vulturine Guineafowl Feather

Feather senegal

Senegal Parrot Feather

3 uses
Skull rat

Rat Skull

Skull otter

Otter Skull

Skull meerkat

Meerkat Skull


Crane Feather

6 uses
Rib Bone

Rib Bone

Toy PackagesEdit


Toy Bundle: 

Gives you 2-3 random toys. Available at Monkey Buisness.

Price: 100 SB

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